General aspects
The expatriation process involves many technical and professional aspects, but also contains personal, social and cultural items, that are often the trigger that make expatriates choose to return to his country ahead of schedule. We basically focus on these aspects. The root of the problem of an unsuccessful expatriation is the improvisation and the ignorance of the needs of expatriates.

The main protagonist of expatriation process is the expatriate.
It cannot be forgotten that, the families expatriate figures prominently in this process, it is a strategic piece in the expatriation.

We do a personal coaching which is a new concept that consists in making a guide, which expatriates need to get the necessary tools for adaptation in their new life.

We work in getting successfully all the process expatriation- adaptation- repatriation

The main reasons of why employees rejected the expatriation are family reasons or because the repatriation is not planned. This conclusion is a result of the study ''The expatriation process in multinational companies'' that synthesizes
that the last part of the process (repatriation) is not well-explained to the expatriates. consulting works to eliminate these reasons, which are inefficiencies in the repatriation management, as well the employees agree to work abroad for a limited time and companies can achieve successful expatriation process.

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