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Introduction Argentina
Argentiniens Economy structure
Argentina: Paperwork needed
Argentina: Types of Visa
Argentina: Education
Argentina: Universities
Argentina: Recognition of qualifications
Argentina: Doing Business
Argentina: Renting
Argentina: Cost of living
Argentina: Health Care System
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-Title to the legend that you can not practice in Argentina, legalized by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.

-Certificate approved standard level of Argentino, certified by the issuing authority or the Recognition of Mid-Level studies carried out abroad, issued by the office enabled the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology,based in the street Pachecode Melo1826 (C1126AAB) BUENOS AIRES, Argentina.

-Note to the Director of Management National University in which requests authorization to practice in Argentina.

-With the photocopies of the required documentation, address to the Desk of the Ministry of Education-Pizzurno 935,1st floor,office 147.
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