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Italy entry for medical care

The Art. 36 of the L.D. 286/98 (Italian only) regulates the entry for medical care in Italy for non-EU citizens.
They must come from countries where medical care to treat specific diseases do not exist or are not easily accessible.

The issuing of residence permit for medical care does not allow the registration to the Italian Health Service, except the medical care permit issued to pregnant women.

There are three different cases:
1. Foreigner who requests an entry visa for medical care.
The foreigner who achieve an entry visa for medical care must submit to the Italian Embassy or Consulate the following documentation:
- document about chosen healthcare facility, public or private, which indicates the type of care, the start date and estimated duration of the care, the length of the stay and the provisions to the protection of personal data;
- certificate of paid deposit to the chosen structure by an amount equal to 30% of the estimated total cost of the services required;
- documentation proving the availability of sufficient resources for the full payment of health costs and those for accommodation and subsistence out of the facility and for the repatriation;
- health certificate stating the condition of the applicant. The certificate issued abroad must be accompanied by an Italian translation.

The remaining 70% of the costs must be paid by the foreigner.

2. Foreigner transferred for care in Italy as part of humanitarian intervention - Article n.12, paragraph 2, point c) of Legislative Decree 30/12/92 No.502 (Italian only), amended by Legislative Decree No.517 of 07.12.1993.

The entry for medical care of the foreign citizen must be authorized by the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Health identifies the health facility and provides a coverage of healthcare costs.

3. Foreigner transferred in Italy into humanitarian intervention program of the Regions - Art.32, paragraph 15, Law of 27.12.1997 no. 449 (Italian only).

The regions may authorize, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Local Health Authority (ASL) and Hospital, the provision of highly specialized services, which fall in welfare programs approved by the Regions, in favor of:
- citizens from non-EU countries where medical care to treat specific diseases do not exist or are not easily accessible, and where there are not reciprocal agreements relating to health care;
- citizens of countries whose particular contingent situation does not make feasible (for political, military or otherwise) the current arrangements for the provision of healthcare by the National Health System.
Brochure about Italian Health Service published on Ministry of Health website in Italian, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Romanian, Spanish and Ukrainian languages

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