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EU citizens who stay in Italy and they are not eligible to enroll in the National Health Service, in situations of poverty or without the possibility of having health coverage

The EU citizens do not meet the requirements to be covered by the Italian national health system, without health coverage and European Health Insurance Card, they have right to receive only necessary and urgent cure.
A circular from the Ministry of Health at 19.02.2008 (Italian only) specifies that
"EU citizens are entitled to urgent and not deferred care.
Among these we believe also included health care for:
- the protection of minors under the Convention of New York ...;
- maternity protection, termination of pregnancy, as well as the women enrolled in the Italian national health system...;
Finally must be activated against these people, for reasons of national public health, vaccination campaigns, the actions of international prophylaxis and prophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases, according to national regulations."

The jurisdiction of these activities is by the regions.

To take advantage of these benefits, the EU citizens must be identified, and it is necessary to display a valid identity document.
This because through the identification of the foreigner, it will be possible for the Italian State contact the State of the foreigner to refund the medical services performed.

To EU citizens, showing the ID document or passport and the declaration of domicile in the Region, will be issued a special card with a code. This is the E.N.I. code (European unsubscribe). This card is valid for six months and is renewable.
The card with the code E.N.I. is issued by local health authorities or Hospitals and have only regionally value.
Brochure about Italian Health Service published on Ministry of Health website in Italian, Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, French, English, Romanian, Spanish and Ukrainian languages

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