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Permanent Visas: Family Reunion

Who is eligible for a Permanent Visa?

- Person married to a Brazilian citizen or a permanent resident;
- Immediate family member dependant of a Brazilian citizen or a permanent alien resident in Brazil;

Documents required from the Brazilian citizen or Brazilian permanent resident:

1. Copy of the Brazilian ID or the Brazilian permanent alien resident card of the head of the family in Brazil, notarized in Brazil;
2. Invitation letter stating full responsibility for the applicant's stay in Brazil, notarized in Brazil or form Statement of Responsibility (Termo de Responsabilidade) completely filled out in capital letters, dated and signed legalized at the Consulate.

Documents required from foreign applicants:

1. 1 Visa Application Form, completely filled online, dated and signed;
2. A valid passport showing at least 6 months' validity from the date of entry in Brazil, containing one blank page. Copy of the passport (identification pages only);
3. 2 recent 3x4 photos, front view, white background;
4. Extract of Judicial-Penal Record, issued within the last 3 months;
5. Proof of residence for the past 12 months (for example: a utility bill);
6. Copy of Birth or Marriage Certificate;
7. Husband's civilian Family Extract;
8. A recent (less than 90 days old) non-criminal record. This document needs to be legalized first by the Consulate in your area of residence;
9. The passport or an equivalent official Brazilian identification document of the Brazilian spouse and the Brazilian ID;
10. A document called "Termo de Responsabilidade" (Responsability statement), sworn by the Brazilian spouse before either the Consulate or a Notary Public in Brazil, in which the Brazilian spouse states that he/she has the means to support the applicant (and children, if any) in Brazil.

NOTE: The applicable consular fees for the legalization of documents will be charged when the documents are presented to the Consulate.
Applicants should be prepared for a waiting period from 4 to 8 weeks before the Consulate can advise them whether the visa has been approved.

At the Consulate applicant will fill out and sign a second Visa Application Form for official use in Brazil.

You must register with the Brazilian Federal Police within 30 days after entering Brazil.

Please note that the permanent visa implies that the applicant desires to reside permanently in Brazil. If the holder of a permanent visa, even after all registration procedures in Brazil have been completed, leaves the country for more than 2 consecutive years, the visa will expire, the Brazilian alien resident card will automatically be revoked and the person will have to re-apply for a new permanent visa.
IMPORTANT: All visa applications should be instructed personally by the interested in the Consulate/Embassy of Brazil in the area of your residence. A proof of residence should be presented. Requests from foreign who don't reside legally in the country of origin are not accepted.
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