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Visas for Missionaries - Temporary Visa Vitem VII

Requests for temporary visas for Missionaries will be processed by the Brazilian Consulate General provided the Religious Institution and the candidate present the documents indicated below:

A - Religious Institution

1. A certified copy of the minutes of the Board of Directors General Assembly (Ata de Constituição) that created the institution and authorized its operations in Brazil;

2. Legal authorization from Headquarters of the Religious Institution abroad, conferring powers to its representative in Brazil to accept the conditions under which said Institution will be allowed to function in the country;

3. A document, "Escritura de Compromisso de Manutenção" drawn up at a Brazilian Notary Public, stating that the Religious Institution will be financially responsible for the Missionary's permanence in Brazil.

The documents indicated on items 1 and 2 should be:
- Authenticated at a Notary Public at the city where they were issued;
- Legalized at the nearest Brazilian Consulate;
- Translated into Portuguese in Brazil, by a sworn Brazilian public translator.

B - Missionary

1. A School transcript of theology studies undertaken in the University;
2. Copy of the University diploma;
3. Curriculum Vitae;
4. Marriage certificate when married and children birth certificates, if they are also moving to Brazil;
5. Proof of residence in the jurisdiction of the Consulate for at least 1 year;
6. Non-criminal record statement, issued by the Police Department of the city of residence;
7. Certified copies (at a Public Notary) of all pages of the candidate's passport (and of the others family members, when applicable).

Note: All documents indicated on items 1, 2, 3, 4 must be presented in its original form (legalized by the Brazilian Consulate of the jurisdiction where the document was issued) or photocopies authenticated by a Public Notary in the city where they were issued and legalized at the nearest Brazilian Consulate.

There is a consular fee of R$20.00 for the authentication of a notary public signature.

Candidates must wait for at least 1 week before we can advise them whether the visa has been granted.

Visa fee: R$70.00. There is an additional R$20.00 fee for a visa request not presented by the applicant in person.

In addition to the amounts indicated above, a non-refundable processing fee of R$150.00 will be charged to all US passport holders.

IMPORTANT: All visa applications should be instructed personally by the interested in the Consulate/Embassy of Brazil in the area of your residence. A proof of residence should be presented. Requests from foreign who don't reside legally in the country of origin are not accepted.
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