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Housing in Portugal


Property rentals in Portugal can be short-term, for a few weeks or months or long-term, for six months or longer.

Most estate agents offer short (or holiday) rental as well as long-term rental. Properties can also be found in the classified section of the newspapers, such as the "Jornal de Notícias" or "Público" or in the English language publications such as Portugal News, or on specialised web sites.


The process of purchasing or selling any type of property or land is not as strictly regulated in Portugal as it is in Spain or France. However, the level of bureaucracy and the Portuguese legal particularities can make it a complex transaction. Therefore if you have little knowledge of the country, language, legal and administrative system, we recommend you to hire a local lawyer to act as an adviser in your interest.

To buy a property in Portugal, you need a Fiscal Number from the Tax Office.

There are three ways to buy property:
1. Buy for cash;
2. Re-mortgage a main property in the home country to raise the capital;
3. Get a mortgage from a local company, building society or bank at home specialising in international property transactions, or borrow the money from a Portuguese lender, bank or mortgage provider.
Before renting or buying in Portugal, you must have a valid tax number (NIF) obtained from the Tax Office (Finanças - Direcção-Geral dos Impostos) in the area of your residence, and a Residency Permit (Cartão de Residência) from the Portuguese Immigration Authorities (SEF - Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras).
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