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Study in Portugal

To study in Portugal is required an annual student visa (you have to go to SEF - Servišo de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras). Student visas may be applied in the local Portuguese consulate or embassy.

Documents to present in order to get the student visa application:

1. Application in correct form;
2. Passport or other identification travelling document (Expiration date not less than three months later than visa's);
3. 3 passport size photos;
4. Criminal register;
5. Health insurance certificate;
6. Lodging certificate in Portugal;
7. Proof of funds upon arrival in Portugal;
8. Academic registration document;
9. Vaccines bulletin;
10. Academic qualifications document (certified by the local Portuguese Embassy).

Educational System

The educational system is divided into preschool (for those under age 6, not compulsory), basic education (9 years, in three stages, compulsory), secondary education (3 years, not compulsory) and higher education (university and polytechnic).
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