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Health Care

The Portuguese Health Care system is made up of both state-run and privately run healthcare facilities. It provides total healthcare coverage to registered individuals and citizens and is funded through taxation. There is also a private healthcare system in Portugal providing high quality medical services to patients.

Any person registered in Social Security is also covered for healthcare in Portugal. All healthcare benefits are administered by the Ministry of Health while social security benefits (pensions, disability, and maternity/paternity benefit) are administered by the Social Security Institute.

I'm a foreigner, how can I have access to Health Care?

You have to ask for the Portuguese Health Card (SNS). The identification health card it's a document that proves the identity of its owner in the Portuguese institutions and services integrated in the National Health Service (SNS). The emission is free of charge.

Who can acquire the Health Card?

The foreigners with authorisation of stay, residence or a work visa.
To request the document you have to present, in the health services of your residence area, the authorization of stay, residence or the work visa and you have to be registered in the Social Security.

Where can I ask for the Health Card?

The Health Card can be acquired in the health services (Health Centre) of your residence area or in the Public Ministry of Health.

Foreigners that make the tribute for the Social Security

The payment of health care's it's assured in the same legal way as the national citizens. For every consultation or care taken, the user has to pay an amount called moderating fee taxes (taxas moderadoras*).
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