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Arriving in Portugal to Work

Every worker in Portugal must contribute to Social Security and pay taxes. On arrival in Portugal a number of official tasks must be carried out, which are:

1. Sign up in Social Security. Whether the applicant is contracted full- or part-time for a company, or is self-employed they must pay Social Security contributions. You have to go to a Social Security office near your residence area.
2. Get a Tax Identification Number which is obtained from the local Tax Office in the area of your residence.

You need to take the following documents:

1. Passport or Identity Card;
2. Authorized photocopies of tax returns for 3 years from the previous country of residence;
3. National Insurance Number (or similar) from country of origin;

A temporary slip is issued and the tax number is sent to the registered home address within a few weeks.

Check out the form on the Social Security web site:

- Social Security Registry (in Portuguese)

- Social Security Registry explained
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