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European Union members and other special countries

Nationals from EU Member-states, Brazil and other countries may enter in Portugal without special visas. They simply need to have a Residence Permit, which is obtained from the Portuguese Immigration Offices.

According to Portuguese Legislation, these citizens don't need a visa to enter in Portugal for a period of 90 days in the following cases:

- Tourism;
- Business;
- Journalism coverage;
- or Cultural mission.

For another situation it's required a visa.

The citizens of other nationalities must contact the Embassy/Consulate of their residence area in order to know if they need a visa or not to enter in Portugal.

What are the required documents to enter in Portugal?

The visa exemption does not relieve the beneficiaries of the fulfillment of certain formalities for entering the country under the laws in force.

To entry in Portugal it's necessary to present the following documents:

1. A valid passport for more at least 3 months duration of intended stay;
2. Travel air ticket (round trip);
3. Proof of accommodation;
4. Document proof of employment or professional activity (duly notarised and authenticated at the Consulate of Portugal in the area of residence);
5. Proof of financial means to support the stay, equivalent to 75 Euros for each entry into the country, plus 40 Euros for each day of stay.

The proof of the daily value (40 euros in cash, "travelers checks" or internationally accepted credit cards) may be waived, when it's submitted a invitation letter or a responsible term issued by a Portuguese citizen or a foreign citizen qualified with a residence visa, authorization visa, work visa, study visa, temporary stay. They have to be valid ensuring the subsistence and accommodation during your stay.
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