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Gabriela Garay
Studied International Business and Administration in Bilbao (Spain)

My experience in consulting was extremely positive in all the aspects.
Working in the field of expatriation have made me think all the things that needs to be done before leaving your country. Besides I have learned a lot of things about different countries that I did not know before.
I really enjoyed to organize my work and to work in a very peaceful atmosphere. In this way I have learned to organize myself and to be responsible with my tasks. Moreover I discovered a new culture, city and language, that I really like.
Also I would like to say thanks to my tutor Silvia for all the support that she has given to me every time I needed something.
Therefore I would like to express my biggest DANKE for this wonderful experience in Wien. I am not going to forget it, one of my best experiences.
DANKE Gabriela

Marika Manelli
Studied Communication & Marketing in Italy

My experience in consulting was extremely positive.
Doing research activities on the topic, I have learned a lot about the opportunity to work abroad and what needs to be done for preparing an expatriation assignment, discovering the positive and negative aspects of it.
I was lucky to work in a peaceful environment that gives space for initiative and self-organization and I was in contact with people from other countries so I could make comparisons.
I consider that it has been a great experience for my professional and personal life, and I recommend this internship offer. A special thank to Silvia for all.

Alazne Rementeria Milicua
Studied Economy and Actuarial & Financial Science in Spain.

My internship experience in co.sytems consulting has been very positive. The fact that I most appreciate was that Silvia didn't try to use my skills to develop a work. Instead she used the work to develop my skills (personal and professional). She also showed a really encouraging and supportive attitude towards me.
I want to thank Silvia for everything, but especially for the opportunity of going with her to Brussels (which was an enriching and inspiring experience for me) and for all her pieces of advice and help related to my future career.
Sincere thanks Silvia.

Chuy You Phow
Young Entrepeneur (Marketing- CSR Consulting) hosted by consulting under the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program

"Things that we learn locally cannot be replaced by good books and courses. Beside the cultural and the entrepreneurial experiences, the program has also brought two persons closer. These really make a big difference in the World Wide Web era!"

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Andriana Djuteska
Studied Business Administration in Vienna.

Being able to begin my career path in such powerful company was a great honor to me. My expectations from this internship were more than met and I can certainly say that all the useful experiences I gained during this time period, have positively affected my business abilities. In a pleasant working atmosphere the team spirit was consistently supported and cross-functional work permanently encouraged... I especially thank Ms Silvia Payer for her strong support and helpfulness.

Elsa Besoy
Studied Administration and Management in Spain.

The relationship with my partners within consulting was very close, I felt comfortable and I had the opportunity to meet people of a different country, I feel lucky for this opportunity.
I consider that it has been a great experience for my professional and personal life, because I have worked in an interesting growing service field, where I have learnt many new things about expatriate management. I recommend this job to everyone who wants to develop in.

Gabriela-Nicoleta Neacsa
Studied Economics and International Affaires in Romania.

I've learned from the people with experience like Silvia, and this not only developed my skills, but all the information about the expatriate management that I received were very helpful and inspiring. The tasks I fulfilled were challenging, I've enjoyed my work a lot, and I could practice my knowledge and live diversity.
I truly recommend for everyone this experience because is the right choice no matter you are a trainee or a company.
This internship change my worldview and it was one of my best experiences.
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