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Housing in Chile

When we are looking for a place to establish our residence, there are a few facts that we have to take into account:

It is important, for example, to pay attention to transportation. People who do not like crowds prefer to live far away from the city center. In those cases having an adequate transportation system is fundamental.

The major cities in Chile have bus (or micros, as they are called there) lines covering the main streets. In some cities like Santiago or Valparaiso there is also the Metro (a metropolitan train service).

The rush hours of the transportation system are around 8:30 am and 6:00 pm. In general apartments near stations are highly valued.

Experts on housing say that the orientation of the apartment is also very important.
For example in the capital of Chile, Santiago, those apartments who face northeast are the most valued ones. They have sunlight all day long and consequently their light costs are reduced.
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