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Renting in Mexico

In general terms buying property in Mexico is cheaper than in the US and Europe. Although it is a personal choice, renting a house may be better as the expatriate will be in Mexico temporally.

Furthermore, Mexicans tend to rent instead of buying.

If the expatriate decides to rent a house, before beginning the search it is recommendable to take some time to think a little bit: What is my budget? What kind of property do I want? Where do I want to live?Away from crowds?

Different places should be visited before deciding for one.

If the expatriation time is long, it is important to take into account that rents in Mexico tend to go up annually.

Here we provide you with more information about renting in Mexico, just doing click in the links:
Being able to speak Spanish will be very useful to negotiate until reaching the best deal possible, as not all Mexicans speak good English.
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