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Health Care

A person who is working in Mexico must quote to the Social Security System. The quote base is the real salary and it is paid monthly. The insurance covers the following contingences since the first working day:

-Risks of work
-Diseases and maternity
-Invalidity and life
-Retirement, unemployment in advanced age and old age
-Day-care centres and social services

In some cases (independent workers, workers of familiar industries, domestic workers, small owners) it is possible to quote voluntarily in order to obtain insurance for certain of those contingences.

It must be taken into account that the real salary is not the one that the worker earns, but the one that it is registered in the social security institute by the employer.

The Mexicans who can afford it usually choose an insurance company that provide them with private health coverage. However, these are often very expensive.

Since 2006, the Popular Insurance (Seguro Popular) makes efforts to provide all Mexican citizens with universal health care access.

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