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Education System

The Mexican educational system consists of three levels: primary, secondary, and higher education.
Formal basic education encompasses preschool, elementary, and lower secondary.

To obtain a better educational structure of Mexico, click in the following link:

Education System

The Law

The new legal framework adopted in 1993 under a new federalism continued to charge the Federal Government with the task of determining the study plans and programs for elementary, lower secondary, and teacher education for the entire country.

Additional constitutional amendments made it a legal obligation for parents to send their children to elementary and lower secondary schools.

Preschool education is not mandatory but is available to children between the ages of 3 to 5.

Mandatory school age is 6 to 14 years, which covers primary and lower secondary school. Elementary school is from grades one through six; lower secondary education is taught in three levels, from first to third grade.


The official language of instruction is Spanish. However, there is an extensive possibility to study in other languages.

In the following link, you will find all the useful information about the different International Schools in Mexico.

International Schools in Mexico

School Timings

The year consists of 200 working days of classes usually beginning in the last week of August and ending in the first week of July.

Preschoolers attend school for three hours every day from Monday to Friday.

Primary school children spend between four and four and a half hour in classroom every day.

Students in secundaria (middle school) spend at least seven hours per day in school. There are mornings, afternoon, night, and combined class shifts.

Do you want to apply to Mexican universities?

Mexico supplies a wide offer of different degrees in the Universities.

Check the next link to have a better understanding of the system of Mexicos university.

Universities: University degrees, tuition and application process

Increasing attention is being paid to Indigenous education.
More than 1 million indigenous children receive bilingual instruction.
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