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The vast majority of companies in Mexico (almost the 100 %) are SME (Small and Medium Size Companies). These companies represent an important contribution to employment and productivity.

In view of this situation the Subsecretary for Small and Medium Size Companies was created. The aim of this institution is promoting the creation, development and consolidation of the SME For example, the Enterprise Incubation program has the purpose of helping those who want to set up their own business. The program doesn't give financing, it offers advice and support in the different areas that a businessman needs to handle.

There are three types of incubation:

1. Incubation for traditional business: Companies whose infrastructure and technology requirements are low. These types of enterprises have an incubation time of three months. (For example, restaurants)

2. Incubation for intermediate technology business: Companies whose infrastructure and technology requirements are a bit specialised. These types of enterprises have an incubation time of twelve months. (For example, informatic applications)

3. Incubation for high technology business: Companies from advanced sectors like communications, bio-technology,... These types of enterprises have an incubation time of almost two years.

The incubators don't concern to the Secretary of Economy, however the work together
For further information about this program visit the following websites:

Enterprising Program (Programa Emprendedores)

National Bussines Innovation (Sistema Nacional de Inovacion de Empresas)

You can also get in touch with the following people. They are responsible of the program.

Lic. Rafael A. Díaz, Responsible of the National Enterprise Incubation System
(Responsable del Sistema Nacional de Incubación de Empresas, SNIE.)

Lic. Astrea Moreno, Creation of Enterprise Incubators
(Creación de Incubadoras de Empresas.)
Email: astrea.moreno@economia.gob.m

Lic. Karla P. Salcedo, Strengthening of Enterprise Incubators and responsible of the contents of the SNIE (National Enterprise Incubation System)
(Fortalecimiento de Incubadoras de Empresas y responsable del contenido del SNIE.)
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