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Recognition of Studies

The Dirección general de acreditación, incorporación y revalización is the institution in charge of the recognition of foreign studies in Mexico. It is dependant of the Public education secretary; and it's placed in the following address:

Arcos de Belén 79 5º Piso
Col. Centro, C.P. 06010, México, D.F.
Tel: (55) 3601 1000
Mail address:

You will get the application form in the office, when you go there to apply for the recognition. With the application form, the following documents are required:

1. Birth certificate

2. Migration document

3. Previous certificates

4. Title

5. Marks Grades

6. Payment of $ 752 (about 46 ¤). This amount varies depending on which title you are recognising, please inform yourself about the precise price of your recognition. In you are recognising your title in the Federal District you can make the payment through the 1DPA Payment Example that you can get in a stationary shop (please go to the Application Forms section).

7. Studies plan and program.

The original and a photocopy are required although the original will be given back to the person.
Birth certificate and other certificates and titles must be authenticated in Mexico.
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