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If you want to move to Mexico, you should first go to the Mexican Consulate in your own country as the requirements and the papers needed depend on which country you come from. In some cases you don't need a visa to enter Mexico as long as you have your passport.

Since April 2011, all foreigners need to fill in a Multiple Migration Status when they enter Mexico. This special Migration Status can be obtained in a Travel Agency, air lines or in an Immigration Office. This paper has only statistic purposes.

Every person who enters Mexico by land or sea for tourism, business or transmigration reasons, must make the corresponding payment of US$22 ( about 17 )* and attach the bank payment receipt to the departure registration; section contained in the Multiple Migration Status.

The money collected it is used to promote Mexican tourism.
If you enter Mexico by plane, this quantity is commonly included in the amount of the plane ticket. This payment gives you permission to stay in Mexico as a visiting Business.

Please look our Application Forms section.

Stay more than 180 days

If your intention is to stay more than 180 days, once you are in Mexico you have 30 days to ask for the change of your migration status. You can ask for the following Migration Status:

Non Immigrant -For foreigners who want to be in Mexico more than 180 days. It is valid for a year. It can be extended four times.
Immigrant -For foreigners who want to life permanently in Mexico
Permanent residence Card -For foreigners who obtained the residence permission
To do this exchange you have to address yourself to the nearest Immigration office or click in the following link.

Online Residence Application

Fill in the formulary and then save and print it. The system will automatically create a document in PDF format. In 90 days time, you must address yourself to the Immigration Office to which you belong and hand in the required documents.

-Application form (the one you have printed)
-Passport or identity card.
-Proof of the corresponding payment (look please further down).
-Multiple Migration Status original.
-Five photographs: 3 full faced photos and 2 right face profile photos with the following characteristics:

*Small size (2.5 X 3 cm size)
*The black in white
*The forehead and the ears without covering, without glasses or earrings.
*Instant photographs won't be admitted.

-Immigration Basic Form filled in. (Look please our Application Forms section )

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