Testimonials from clients and project partners
Antonina Stoyanovska
FED - Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development, Sofia - Bulgarien

We were impressed with the professional ethics of co.systems consulting and their sensitiveness in respect to the needs of different groups... The staff of this company also demonstrated excellent skills in respect to coordination of several project partners during the implementation of the project... Activities of co.system consulting were cost effective and contributed to the sustainable utilization of available resources. As a whole we are very satisfied with the collaboration with co.systems consulting.

Alexandra Alevridou
Euroconsultants, Thessalonik - Griechenland

Regarding our cooperation with co.systems consulting, in particular our participation in projects designed by co.systems, we confronted their professionalism in terms of meeting the deadlines, notification of all partners of the project, keeping us informed on the details and the on-going process, intention for continuation of the cooperation. We consider that co.systems has shown a very, positively evaluated, formal professional behaviour.

Krassimir Detchev
Legal Advisor in Social Dialogue, Sofia -Bulgarien

I was impressed by the professional integrity and the high quality of the work performed. We all received due attention and felt as part of the team. They have shown sincere respect for us and the challenges that we were facing. The support provided by co.systems has been and is a source of inspiration... they have build a relationship of confidence and trust.

Ernesto Fariņas Wong
Universität Las Villas - Kuba

...we are very pleased with the work of co.systems consulting.