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Renting in Romania

If you are looking for a house in Romania, you should know that the cost of rental varies a lot depending on the location, the access and the condition of the property.

So, in the capital, in Bucharest the price for renting is higher than other cities.

Also, in this situation, the newspapers and the Internet are very useful.

Although it is a country where majority population is very modest income, however, can be compared with industrialized countries in several ways. For example, if we make an analysis between the rents charged in major cities in Romania and in other European countries such as Sweden, Spain and Austria, we find that prices are two to three times higher in relation to purchasing power.
Liviu Voinea, director of the Group of Applied Economics (GEA), explained that in Scandinavian countries rents are very high compared to those in Romania, without taking into account, however, the standard of living. "In Sweden, tenants pay three times more than would be paid in Romania, but have a salary of five - six times what it means that rents are twice lower than in Romania relative to power purchase ".
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