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Start a Business in Romania

If you want to open a business in Romania is possible to finish all the processes in 2 weeks, and the costs for opening a company, starts at 800 RON (around 180 ) for all costs, but this depends on the type and also on the complexity of the firm. However, for new entrepreneurs, it is possible to finish all processes in about 5 working days, and the costs for opening a SRL-D (limited liability company for new entrepreneurs), will be around 5 RON, (about 1), with the condition of having a social capital of 200 RON (around 45)

Steps to open a business:

1. You must choose the juridical form for the company, SRL, SA, PFA, SRL-D, SNS, SCS, SCA.

2. Register the name of the company to the Trade Registry (have prepared more than 2 names)

3. For the notary prepare the company memorandum which consist of:

- company name
- legal form
- headquarters
- number of partners / shareholders
- planned duration of the operation Company
- Participation rate
- the core activity
- secondary objects of activity

4. Capital Subscription to the Bank

5. Present the Evidence Papers

6. To the Unique Office, present the registration request for the company.

Also, you need others documents (company memorandum, The general shareholders meeting decision, Proof of social capital, availability of firm evidence, Proof of tax register, Proof of payments under)

7. The next step is to obtain all the authorizations (Sanitary-Veterinary, Health, Environmental, Work Authorization) from:

- Sanitary- Veterinary Direction
- Public Health Direction
- Environmental Inspectorate
- Work Territory Inspectorate

8. The Unique Office gives you the Registration Certificate and you can open a business
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