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Health Insurance

During your staying in Romania, you must have a Health Insurance.
The persons who have obtained temporary extension of the right of residence or domicile in Romania, and are more than 18 years old, can make their Medical Insurance, by making a solicitation to the District Health Insurance House, for emitting a European health insurance card called the CEASS card. The validity of the card is 5 years, from the emitting day. Then, they must pay 6.5% of the minimum wage over a period of six months.

This insurance covers:
- Outpatient treatment
- The doctor approved prescription drugs
- Hospitalization (if there is an institution recognized and recommended by the insurer)
- Surgery (emergency only)
- Transport charges
- Emergency dental treatment (usually in the policy is provided for a maximum compensation amount)
- Repatriation

If you want more benefits you can always choose to make an additional medical insurance at a private clinic in Romania. These benefits vary on the packages offered by the different private medical clinics.

In Romania, the doctors are very prepared in their job and they work in private and in public hospitals.
But you must take in consideration that the conditions are not the same in the small cities from large cities. In small cities, medical supplies and medication can have limited supply and availability. In big cities, you also have the option of private clinics.
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