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Recognition of Studies

The recognition of the studies is very important and requires consideration of the diploma obtained abroad, who have as purpose to obtain the Work Permit issued by Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Protection , endorsed by the Romanian Immigration Office.

What is needed?

- Application form, addressed to the Minister of Education, Research and Youth

- Studies papers in certified copy and for higher education qualifications they will be submitted after the original together with two simple copies

- Authentication documents (passport)

- Copy of Certificate of Registration of the company

- Address of the Company specifying the job for which that person will start

- Proof of payment of sums due for recognition (original and copy)

- For the recognition of undergraduate degrees is 50 lei (12 )*

- For the recognition of diplomas of higher education (college, bachelor's, master) is 50 lei (12 )*

The sums must be paid via bank transfer or postal order, to the account of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The Certificate of Recognition is issued by the National Center for Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas.

*April 2011 consulting Gmbh is not responsible for any changes on the taxes
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