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Education System

According to the Ministry of Education, Research and Innovation (METI), the education system in Romania consist of Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary School, High School, University and Master and Doctorate Studies.

During Elementary and Secondary School and also in the High School, the students prepare for various exams. Before entering to the High School, they must pass the capacity exam, and then choose a specialization according for what they want to follow: arts (philology, foreign languages), science (mathematics, informatics, physics, chemistry), military college, economic college or professional school.

After the High School, if they want to go to a University, they must take the admission exam (for some of them, the admission exam is not obligatory, but you must have the baccalaureate exam passed with minimum 6).

Another thing is that the Universities Program is rely on the Bologna System, which consist of 3 years length for most of university majors followed by another 2 years for masters degree and 3 years for the doctorate degree .

In Romania, in the last few years the Exchange system is expanding. For example, there are some programs available during the University: Erasmus, Lingua and others.
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