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Non European Union Citizens

If you are not an European Citizen and you would like to come in Romania, first of all you must obtain the VISA (there are countries that need VISA and countries that don't need VISA).

More informations in the Application forms section
For commercial activities you must be a shareholder or associated with leading or managing a company and obtain the notification of the Romanian Agency for Foreign Investments.
After that, you get the Long Stay Visa, with the following documents: more
For professional activities, you should check if your profession that you want to establish is restricted by any special laws.

Then, obtain the Visa:
The VISA FEE is 120 Euro and is paid in the state in which you request and it is valid for 90 days.

With at least 30 days before the expiration date, you must submit some documents for the Residence Permit.
Documents for commercial activities: more
Documents for professional activities more
If you are coming in Romania for work, first, you must obtain Work Permit, then a Long Stay Visa for employment and ultimately a Residence Permit.

The Permanent Residence is valid 10 years for the family members of Romanian citizens and Long Stay Permit is valid for five years and is granted for other purposes of stay in Romania.
For the Permanent Residence, first you must accomplish some conditions.
The documents for Long Stay Permit  more
There is also Permanent Residence for the minors more
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