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Education on the secondary level does not require any special recognitions or admission tests in order to continue the studies started in the mother country.
Foreign student's admission: Foreign students with grants and scholarships from the Government of the Republic of Macedonia are not required to pass the entrance examinations except for the Faculties of Architecture, Pedagogy, Physical Education and Art. Foreign students must have completed a four-year secondary school and have passed the final examinations and meet the same enrolment requirements as national students. Language requirements: A certificate of knowledge of Macedonian is compulsory.
Recognition of studies and qualifications: As every university pursues its own politics we refer you for more detailed information to:

ENIC, International Department, Ministry of Education and Science
Head: Nadezda Uzelac, Coordinator
Adresse: Dimitie Cuposki no 9
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Tel: +389(91) 106-523
Fax: +389(91) 118-414

National Student Union of Macedonia
Adresse: Pirinska b.b., PO Box 62
1000 Skopje, Macedonia
Fax: +389(91) 367-740
consulting GmbH

+43 (1) 89 22 544
+43 (1) 30 88 133

+43 (1) 30 88 144