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Health Care

The Health Care in Macedonia is provided through an extensive net of health care organizations.

It is organized on 3 levels: primary, secondary and tertiary. It is delivered through a system of medical institutions, covering the country's territory relatively evenly.

The health care range from health care stations and centers at PHC (Primary Health Care) level and specialty-consultative and inpatient departments at secondary level, to university clinics at tertiary level with the latter also carrying out research and educational activities.

The citizens of Macedonia contribute part of their income to health and medical care. Contributions are collected by the HIF ( Health Insurance Fond) from employees (8,6%), from the pension fund for retired persons (14,7%) and from the state budget for unemployed and from the self-employed (8,6%).

To apply for health care, a foreigner must contact the nearest care centre and obtain there all required information about documents and applications. A sample of an application form is to be found in the Application forms section.
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