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Foreign residents can establish employment in the Republic of Macedonia, after getting an appropriate visa of permit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, i.e. Diplomatic-consular offices abroad. Nationals of EU member-states, as well as nationals of the state-parties to the Schengen agreement may enter the Republic of Macedonia presenting a valid identity card issued by the competent authorities of the EU member-states or of the states-parties to the Schengen agreement. They can enter the country and stay up to three months within a period of six months with a valid identity card.
Types of visa and types of permits: more
Visa requirements and procedure: more
In case where is no diplomatic or consular mission of the Republic of Macedonia in the country where the foreigner resides, such an application can be submitted to the diplomatic or country with which the Republic of Macedonia has concluded a joint representation agreement.
The foreigner must supply the following documents with the Visa application: more
The Visa application is to be downloaded on English in the section Application Forms. The rest of the documents must be translated and verified by a certified notary. In general, copies are to be submitted and (if requested) the original documents are to be shown at the submitting office.
All necessary documents and information are detailed explained in the following document:
For nationalities for which there is a visa requirement in the Republic of Macedonia the issue of Visa D (Long stay visa, issued for a single entry in the Republic of M. entitling a stay up to thirty days and valid for a period of 6 months. The foreigner is thereby obligated to report the his entry in the country within 5 days to The Ministry of Internal Affairs where he will be issued a long residence permit within a period of 25 days from the day of reporting) is 38, for nationalities of EU and for the other ones for which there is no temporary visa requirement the fee for Visa D is 30 .
The extension of the temporary residence permit is made with the local organizational unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Macedonia.
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