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Education in Chile

When expatriates move to another country, they may travel with families. In this case their children would have to continue their education in the new country. Finding an adequate education becomes then a challenge.

In the year 2003 a constitutional reform took place where it was established that education would be compulsory and free for students until 18 years old.
Chilean education consists of:

-A first cycle of Basic Education for eight years.
-High School for four years.

Preschool system is recommended but not compulsory.

In higher education public or private universities can be attended. In the eighties all the students used to learn in public universities. Since then, private universities have entered the education sector and now, more than the 52% of the students choose a private center.

It is necessary to pay a duty (called arancel) to study at university. These depend on the University and on the study but they tend to be very high.
Those who attend state universities can apply for scholarships, while those who attend private one can not.
Education System
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