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Expatriate Management
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Expatriate Management
You want a foreign employee to work in Austria ? - so called "Incomings", on a short or long-term basis?

Or going abroad - you want to send your staff abroad short- or long term to an existing branch office or to a partner company?

We offer you best service orientated solutions for your expatriated staff from and to Austria.

Offering support in the field of HR, starting with the delegation agreement to compensation & benefits, tax matters and a lot more.

We give you the specific country information you need. We offer you cost-conscious and profitable Expatriate packages tailored to your and the employee's needs.

We give you professional support to find the right person for expatriation both internally and externally to make your project successful, design of delegation agreements including benefits package, Expat tax consultancy in Austria and the corresponding country of delegation in order to make to delegation most effective.
We are specialised in the CEE countries as well as the Middle East.

We are looking forward to consulting you.
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