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Recognition of studies Chile

The process of recognizing a foreign certificate in Chile depends on the existence of international agreement signed between Chile and the corresponding country.

Citizens of countries that have signed an international agreement with Chile (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Uruguay, Bolivia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Peru) request the recognition of their certificate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Departamento de Asesoría Legal, Sección Títulos del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores.
Agustinas 1320, Santiago.

Public attendance from 9,00 to 14,00 hours

For the recognition the following documents are required:

- Copy of the Title.
- Certificate of Authenticity.
- Certificate of Professional Practice.
- Photocopy of the Student Record
- Photocopy of the passport or the identity card.
- Official Translation of the Title and the Student Record

The aforementioned documents must be authenticated in Chile and also by the Chilean Consulate in the home country of the person.

Citizens of countries that have not signed an international agreement with Chile must request the recognition of their certificates at the University of Chile.

Prorrectoría Diagonal Paraguay 265, Oficina N° 201 Santiago de Chile.

For the recognition the following documents are required:

-Original and copy of the Title
-Original and copy of the Student Record.
-Original and copy of the Syllabus
-Original and copy of the Curriculum of the studies.
-Curriculum Vitae
-Declaration of the ability to work given by the corresponding consulate (if it's demanded)
-A filled application form. You can get this application in our Application Forms section or in the following address: Prorrectoría, en Av. Bernardo O Higgins N° 1058, oficina 123. Santiago de Chile. Telf: (56 2) 978-1023.

The first three documents must be authenticated both in Chile and in the home country. In Chile the authentication must be done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Agustinas N° 1320). In the home country, the authentication must be done by the Consulate of Chile.

When the documents are written in a foreign language, an official translation must be enclosed.

The recognition process costs 2UTM, which at may 2011 means 76,346 $ pesos and approximately 116 ¤* (please check the exchange rate when you are applying for the recognition).
* July 2012 co. systems consulting gmbh is not responsible for any changes on the taxes

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University of Chile
consulting GmbH

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