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A few facts about Chile

Chile has an extension of 756,950 square kilometres and its surface has a unique shape as it is one of the longest countries in the world, with 4,300 km in length.
Chile's climate varies dramatically between the north and the south.

In 2010 the population of Chile was estimated in more than 17 million inhabitants. Approximately 40% of them are concentrated in the metropolitan area of Santiago, the capital.

The population is mixed race, mix of European and Indigenous citizens. Because of this, although the official language in Chile is Spanish, there are some indigenous groups in the north and south of the country who still maintain their original language.

In Chile the State is secular but 70% of the population is Catholic. Religion has direct influence on the mentality of Chileans as well as Chilean society such as its economy and politics.

Chiles politycal system is based on a Democratical Republic and its current president is Sebastian Pinnera.

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