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Housing in Spain

Renting is not a common practice in Spain so people usually prefer buying to renting.
Finding an apartment at a good price is difficult, the best moment to rent is between May to July.
It is important to be in Spain while you are looking for an apartment, because landlords want to meet first the person who is going to live in their house.

People have to be patient to find an appropriate flat, this process takes a lot of time and it is not advisable to rent the first you see, it is a serious decision. It is better to be sure where do you want to live, before you begin the process.

There are different possibilities to find a flat. You can for example, while you are walking along the streets find that someone hires his flat (when people want to sell or hire their flat normally they set an advert on a balcony or window saying "Se vende"(it sells) or "Se alquila"(it hires).

Networking or looking adverts on newspapers can be also a good idea.

When you find a flat that you like, it is important to make an appointment with the owner as soon as possible.
If the flat is the appropriate, sign the contract quickly or maybe the next time you go there, another person will be living there.

To obtain further information check the following useful links:

Searching for a place to live in Spain

If you do not speak Spanish, try to find a native speaker to help you with all the process.
Therefore, the talk with the landlord will be more effective reducing all kind of misunderstanding.
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