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Education System

The Spanish education system has improved in the last ten years. Spain gives a big importance to education and has a deep respect for it.

The law

Education in Spain for children is compulsory from the ages of six to 16, with primary education (primaria) lasting six years followed by four years of compulsory secondary education (E.S.O.) at the end of which a Certificate of Education is received.

For further information check the following site:
-Spanish School system

School timings

Timings will vary from one region to another and will be affected also by what a child is studying, their level and their particular school. So, the following should be treated as a guideline that needs checking carefully when you investigate a particular school:

The school year is divided into three terms with a long summer holiday break of almost three months:

- Winter term (September to December).
- Spring term (January to Easter).
- Summer term (After Easter to late June).


Information about Spanish schools, state and private, can be obtained from Spanish embassies and consulates abroad, and from foreign embassies, educational organisations and government departments in Spain.
Information about local schools can be obtained from town halls(ayuntamientos).

The Ministry of Education and Science provides a general information service at its central office:
Open Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 2.30pm
C/Alcalá, 36, 28071 Madrid, 902-218 500.
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+43 (1) 89 22 544
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