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Courage to face the difficulties
A well-known story reflects one of the main problems currently companies have to face in business, as he concludes Tomas Gonzalez in The complexity of human factor at internationalization

It is said that mice, fed up of being chased by the cat, who approached them quietly
when least expected, collected during several days of hard bargaining reached an agreement:
The solution to your problem was clear. You had to put a bell to the cat. They were happy with the decision that had come after such an effort; they decided to adjourn the meeting. A little mouse that had remained silent raised his hand and asked if, before leaving was possible to know a little detail.
Could we know who was going to put a bell to the cat?

This story explains the challenge of finding the right person, who is able to work abroad for a limited period, taking into account that in many cases also involves the relocation of his family and not be hunted by the cat, that the process can be a success.

This profile has to be able to adapt to another culture and mentality. Also you can assign him a similar work position to that before his leaving, this person is able to transmit his knowledge to the end of this period of time, when he reaches the country.

This is the most complicated and difficult part to achieve, the repatriation process, we make an effort to achieve this last step successfully.
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