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Spain has a free public health system.

The purpose of Social Security Health Care is to provide the medical services to preserve the health of its beneficiaries, as well as their capacity to work and foreigners have the right to access the Social Security system according to the Organic Law 4/2000 of 11 January.

The worker gives a percentage of the salary to Social Security; it is called common contingencies and it is 4,7 %. The company gives another 23,60 % in the name of the worker.

To apply for health care, a foreigner must contact the nearest care centre with the registration certificate, the passport and Health Care Application (P.1); can be obtained in the Application Forms

If the person is not recorded in the census,he only can ask for emergency healthcare.

Also any person who begins a work activity included in a Social Security System must apply for an affiliation number.

The worker must fill a form Affiliation Number (TA.1), you can find it in the Application Forms and must present the passport and the National Identification Document.

Workers must pay a tribute "IRPF" that is 400 annual; if you earn less than 8000 per year.

Anybody within one month after the entrance in Spain and he is not included in the Social Security System, the authority can remove the permission to work and live in Spain.
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