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Starting own business
If you want to start your own business in Croatia, the best way for establishing a new company is to do a paperwork in public notary office.

The cost to notarize the memorandum of association depends on the number of founders and the founding capital (from HRK 10 to HRK 20.000 or unlimited).

Costs associated with this procedure:

HRK 4.240+25% VAT (drafting and notarizing the articles of association), HRK 220+VAT (drafting application for registration), HRK 192,50+25% VAT (drafting and notarizing acceptance of appointment), HRK 190,50+25%VAT (notarizing founders' statements of non-existence of debts), HRK 190,50+25% VAT (notarizing decision on business address), HRK 190,50+25% VAT (notarizing decision on appointment of director), HRK 38+25% VAT (notarizing director signature specimen) + HRK 400 (court fees) + HRK 900 (publication fees)

Buying a real estate for EU citizens is not restricted. However, EU citizens can not buy agricultural land until 2020. They can rent the land for agricultural production. There is one practical solution: if EU citizen establish a company in Croatia, that company has a right to buy a land and do an agricultural production.

If you are looking for the office for your start-up company, you can rent it or start in one of many business incubators in Croatia. Some of city administrations are also renting offices for good prices, but you should wait on public competitions and bid for the desired office.

More info:

HGK (Croatian Chamber of Economy)
consulting GmbH

+43 (1) 89 22 544
+43 (1) 30 88 133

+43 (1) 30 88 144