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We provide you the link for the charges of getting the Visa depending on your country origin.

Temporay Residence

Contract Visa: It is for foreigners enabling them to work just for the employer who signed the contract which originated their visa.
This visa has a valid period up to 2 years. After the 2 years, it is possible to request for the Definite Permanence.
It is easy to get the Working Visa, as long as you have an employment contract.
The family members of the expatriate can apply for a Dependant Working Visa. It has the same validity as the Working Visa but the person is not allowed to work.

Temporary Visa: It is for foreigners that are able to prove that they have family links or interest in the country.
It is granted for a maximum period of 1 year and it is possible the renew it until completing 2 years at the end of which the foreigner must request the Definitive Residence or leave the country.

Application: Temporary Visa

Student Visa: It is for students that travel to Chile with the purpose of studying in educational establishments of the State or Privates school.
It is extended for a maximum period of 1 year (except in the case of the scholarships, in which it can be granted for the time of the scholarship), it is renewable until the studies are complete.

Refuge and political asylum: This visa is for foreigners who, considering the issue of personal safety, and due to predominant political circumstances in their country of origin, are forced to resort to a Chilean diplomatic mission seeking political asylum.

Definite Permanance

When may students opt for a Definite Permanence Visa?

Students may obtain a Permanence Visa when:

They have finished their studies or High School Diploma.
They have resided two years with a student visa.
They have economic support. This must be prove

What is the cost of the Definitive Permanence?

The cost of a Definite Permanence is $41.023 for all, except for the spouse of a Chilean and minors, who do not pay at all.

This enables to reside in Chile indefinitely and carry out any type of activity, without having any limitations other than those specified by legal dispositions and legal norms.
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