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Economic structure
Chile's economy is the sixth largest economy in South America and the second in the continent in terms of GDP per capita.

Chile has a small but open economy, with a clear aptitude for export. Chile exports mainly raw materials through activities such as mining, fishing, agriculture and livestock.

Its main industry is mining, especially copper, which is the largest producer in the world.
It has a diversified and competitive economy.

Moreover, Chile has a wide range of natural resources that is the reason why the agriculture sector is quite important. For instance, the wine production is very popular and successful.

The official currency is the peso.
At June 2012 the change rates are: 1US $= 519,133$ and 1US $=0, 80561 (XE Official Site).

Investment Opportunities in Chile

Chile is happily playing in the markets with a great potential and stability in its economy. Chiles economy is growing fast, capturing investors of all over the world.

To obtain further information about the investment opportunities in Chile, we provide you a very useful link:

Invest in Chile

In January 2010 the Accession Agreement between Chile and the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) was signed by which Chile will officially become the 31st member of the OECD, the first member from South America.

Chile was also qualified as the most globalized country in Latin America for the globalization Index 2010.
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