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Education System
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All issues concerning education in Argentina are overseen by the Ministry of Education. The responsibility for education is divided amongst the national government and private institutions.

In Argentina, all the schools throughout the country follow the same system of education, because it is believed that a national education system promotes unity.

Foreign students must do a validation and equivalencies examinations, to know the level and the appropriate class for his or her learning. After passing the exam, he or she can attend any school in Argentina.

For children aged 4 and 5, kindergarten is optional.
At the age of 6 until 14 years old, mandatory education begings.

Primary school begins at 6 years old.

Secondary level begins at 12 years old.
Lower Secondary: EGB3 (12- 14 years old).
Upper-Secondary (Polimodal) 14-17 years old).

Tertiary University/College

Education is highly valued in Argentine society.
School days are typically divided into two four hour periods:

-8:00 am to 12:00 pm with a break between.

-13:00 until 5:00 pm with a break between.
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