Tax System in Latvia
In Latvia the taxation procedures are regulated by "Law on Taxes and Duties" adopted on February 2, 1995. Generally, this law is everywhere applicable, unless the specific laws on taxes such as "The Law on Value Added Tax", "The Law on Corporate Income Tax" or law conventions specify other conditions. The taxes are divided into direct and indirect.

The direct taxes are:
- Personal income tax 25% more
- Mandatory social security contributions 35, 09% more
- Enterprise income tax 15% more
- Microenterprise tax 9% from turnover more
- Real estate tax 1, 5 % from the cadastral value of property more
The indirect taxes are:
- The value added tax 22% more
- Exercise tax
- Electricity tax
- Tax on cars and motorcycles
- Vehicle operating tax
- Company car tax
- Customs duty

Other taxes:

- Natural resources tax
- Gambling and lottery tax