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Housing in Latvia
There are various opportunities for housing in Latvia, depending on the length of stay, social and financial status as well as preferred location. If a person resides in Latvia permanently or has received a residence permit he or she may be a tenant or sub-tenant according to "The Law on Residential Tenancy" (1993).

One must bear in mind that the prices for renting an apartment (especially in Riga) reach the level of prices in Scandinavian countries. The same is valid for hotel prices. However, one can find various accommodation possibilities at different costs and in most cases will be satisfied with the offered service and quality.

If one plans to stay for a longer period of time, he or she may consider renting an apartment/a house or even buying a real estate. Here it is highly advisable to work with a real estate agent. First of all this person will be able to find all the necessary information concerning the potential property, as well as help to escape complications and traps, that are common in this sphere of business. There is no standard fee for a real estate agent in Latvia, but usually it is not more than 5% and is already included in the price. The yearly property tax makes up 1,5%.

For students there is a variety of dorms and/or rental possibilities in the vicinities of the educational institutions, and some of the latter have own accommodation facilities meant for foreign students, visiting lectures and researchers.
Check out this website to find out about costs of living in different Latvian cities and towns: link
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