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Education System in Latvia
Latvian education system has been highly modified since Latvia gained its independence in 1991. Generally, education process is divided in the following stages:
- Pre-school education ( ISCED level 0)  more
- Basic education (ISCED level 1 and 2) more
- Secondary Education (ISCED level 3) more
- 4 and 2-3 year vocational education and training programs more
- Post-secondary non-tertiary vocational education (ISCED level 4)
- Tertiary education (ISCED level 4-5) more
- Postgraduate education (ISCED level 6) more
- Adult education
The main bodies that administrate the education system in Latvia are the Parliament, the Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Education and Science. The Ministry of Education and Science determines not only the standards for education, but also the training content and procedures for the teachers. In Latvia the achievements of the students are evaluated with the help of a 10-Point grading system where 10 is the top grade.

In Latvia pre-school, basic and secondary education in a state or municipality educational institution is funded by the state budget. The exceptions are those of private educational establishments that can set their own fees for providing education. In higher educational institutions only a number of students are exempt from paying a tuition fee; other students have to pay a fee set by the institution.

Foreigners or non-citizens of Latvia finance their studies in higher educational institutions accordingly to their agreements with the corresponding educational establishment. The EU citizens pay the same amount of the fee as that paid by the citizens and permanent residents of Latvia. If an exchange program between Latvia and other country supposes the studies of equal number of students from each country abroad (correspondingly Latvia and a target country), then the studies of the foreigners are financed from the budget resources of Latvia.
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ISCED (International Standard Classification of Education)
Education System

Fact Sheet on General Education

Fact Sheet on Vocational Education

Fact Sheet on Higher Education
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