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Recognition of Professional Qualification

To request recognition of your vocational education you must contact the corresponding ministry according to your field of work.
- The Directorate of Health for people in the health industry

- The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism for people with a technical education at a university level

- Iđan Education Center and the Electric Trades Education Center for certified trades

If you are unsure of what ministry to contact, you can contact the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture for further Information (see below)

Documents you need to send are the following:

- A copy of your diploma, along with a translation in Icelandic, English or a Nordic language, length and contents of the studies must be specified and a listing of subjects. Translations must be by an authorized translator or authority. (See links for Icelandic translators below)

- Confirmation of experience working in the profession (if applies)

- A valid passport from your home country

If the purpose is to acquire a permit or right to work you must contact the corresponding ministry as stated above, or if you are unsure you can contact the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture

Ministry of Education, Science and Culture
Solvholgsgata 4
150 Reykjavík
- Tel: +354 545 9500
- Fax: + 354 562 3068
- Email: postur AT

If the purpose of recognition is to further your studies you can contact the Icelandic ENIC/NARIC office:

Office for Academic Affairs, University of Iceland
Office for Academic Affairs, University of Iceland, v. Sudurgotu, 101
Reykjavik, Iceland
Phone: +354 525 54 52
Fax: +354 525 43 17
E-mail: thordkri AT or ina AT
Web site(s):
Contact person:
Mr. Thordur Kristinsson, Director of Academic Affairs

The Europass program is also an efficient way to internationalize your information, you can create an Curriculum Vitae and Language passport which is standardized and accepted in all EU countries.
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