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Non-EU citizens

If you are a citizen of a country outside the EU/EEA and intend to move/work to Iceland you or your employer must apply for a work and residence permit before your arrival in Iceland, arrival in the country is not allowed until your application has been approved. The application must be paid for and sent to the Directorate of Immigration.

Necessary documents with application:
- Application Form
- Application form for a work permit, qualified professional
- Employment contract
- Passport photo ( 35mmx45mm)
- Photocopy of applicant's passport.
- Criminal check issued from the country/countries applicant has resided in for the last 5 years.
- Confirmation of medical insurance from an Insurance company authorized to provide services in Iceland
- Housing Certificate confirming applicants secure housing.

You must meet these requirements for your application to be accepted:
- You must be able to support yourself financially
- You must have a secure housing
- You must have health insurance

On the Directorate of Immigration website you can find all necessary information and step by step description for the application - LINK
Application fee for registration of residency and ID no.
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