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Recognition of professional qualifications

EU citizens and Non-EU citizens must contact the ENIC-NARIC Institution to obtain a specific information about recognition.

In France the professional qualifications for EU citizens depending on whether practice of the profession concerned is regulated or whether practice of that profession is not subject to any specific national regulation.

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Non-EU citizens will have to submit at the French Embassy for a long stay Visa to work in France, a proof of diploma in French.
Also, your future potential employer can ask you about a certificate of validation before hiring you to make sure that you have a required skills.

The needed documents are:
- photocopy of an official identity document (Identity card, passport)
- Application form or a letter with the reason of your demand
- Inform about which diploma you need the certificate
- A transcription of your diploma by an official translator.
- An history about your formation
- An original copy of all diploma you obtained.
- A letter on the honour you undertake to pay the fees.

The cost is 70 (incl. VAT) for the normal procedure in two or three weeks, or 200 (incl. VAT) for an express process, in 48 hours.

Emigrate in France imposes to have good knowledge in French. You have to pass an exam to obtain a certificate of sufficient knowledge in French, this exam does not impose some previous preparation; this is just to check your vocal and written understanding and/or expression in French.

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