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France provides a high standard of living and working, also thanks to the flexibility of the immigration law and rapidity of administration.

Citizen from EU/EEA countries (all 25 European Union member countries, Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway) do not need a visa for France.

EU and EEA citizens are allowed to move and work without any kind of authorization if they stay in France for a period not exceed 3 mounths.
UE citizens just have to declare their living residence at the City Hall where they stay in France within a period of three months.
The needed documents to fulfill this obligation could be one of the following:
- an original receipt of electricity contract, not older than three months;
- an original receipt of water company or mobile phone, not older than three months;
- an original receipt of home insurance, not older than three months;
- a valid original housing contract.

After 183 days of permanently living in France, you will be considered as a permanent resident.
For EU/EEA nationals the residece permit is no longer mandatory.
You may be required to register with the relevant authority (often the town hall or local police station).
Before the trip, you must contact the French Embassy in your country.
The French administration system works better by face-to-face contact, so you should make an appointment in advance.
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