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Whenever you go abroad, it is important to know details about rules and norms of behavior and customs of that country. For that reason we advise you to find out a little bit about Japanese culture before moving there.

Compared to western culture Japanese culture is highly influenced by a Confucian mindset. Hierarchical and authoritarian structures play an important role. The role of an older person is to advice the younger person. This concept manifested in the seniority-based relationship between senpai (senior/mentor) and koohai (junior) in family, companies and organizations.

In contrast western culture tends to have weaker structures of hierarchy. Logic and rationality are important to solve problems through debating and discussing. These are two very different concepts behaving, which should be kept in mind in a business relationship with Japanese business partners.

The Japanese market requires high effort to succeed with a business entry or business development. Difficulties are faced especially in following points:
- Low degree of market transparency for foreigners
- High competition
- Semi-closed business networks also known as Keiretsu
- Highly diversified distribution channels

Before starting business in Japan receive further information for example of JETRO or Chamber of Commerce of your country.
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