Visa Information

Short stay
For a short stay up to 90 days with non-paid activities (as tourism, business, visiting friends or relatives, etc.) for many nationalities a Visa is not required due to visa exemption arrangements.
A detailed list of each countries arrangement for a short stay is provided by Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

For other nationalities as China, Philippines, Russia, NIS countries special regulation applies.

Short-term stay chart

Work or Long-Term stay
Depending on your objectives for a work or long-term stay in Japan different application regulation applies.

Ministry of Foreign affairs of Japan divides following categories:
- Working visa as for the purpose of professor, professional work, intra-company transferee, etc.
- General visa as for the purpose of students, cultural activities or training, etc.
- Specified visa as for the purpose of spouse of a Japanese nationality or permanent resident
- Diplomatik Visa
- Official Visa
A detailed list with all categories and application procedures is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Long-term stay chart

Visa Application procedure from outside Japan
1. Make a plan to travel to Japan
2. Prepare required documents
A required documents depend on the nationality of the expat. Please contact Japanese Embassy.
Some documents required are:
- Passport
- Visa application form (You find the forms in the application chapter)
- Photographs
3. Apply at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate with the jurisdiction.
4. Application will be examined in the embassy or consulate
5. After completion get back your passport with issued Visa
6. Enter Japan within 3 months

Visa Fees
For a single-entry visa the Embassy or Consulate general will issue 3,000 yen.
A double-entry visa costs 6,000 yen.
Multiple-entry visa costs additionally 700 yen for a transit visa.